Hey there, we’re Tripgrid. We build products that help people manage team travel. Our product helps all kinds of companies do their work faster and smarter without needing to spend a fortune.

A team of travelers and problem solvers.

Because we knew there had to be a better way...

We began in 2015 as a group of friends looking to streamline communication and travel planning processes in the leisure travel space. As our team and ideas grew, we began to hear that what we had built may have solutions for the corporate travel space.

Enter 2017, where Tripgrid was born.

We believe that the corporate travel industry is ready to level up its process. The past decade has seen a rapid rise in productivity software. Tools that promise to help us do our jobs faster AND smarter. These new tools have touched thousands of industries and they are helping millions of people automate old workflows and organize their digital data with ease, all thanks to modern interfaces and new technology.

It seems everyone is relishing in this productivity renaissance, basking in their new-found efficiencies and their color coded project management apps. It’s a productivity party and everyone is invited! Right?

Well, everyone except corporate travel. While the rest of the world is all aboard the “future of work” train, we are still at the station trying to figure out if there is an excel formula to show us how much the marketing team spent on flights last quarter.

Seemingly simple travel data management tasks can lead to hours, if not days of work for ourselves and our team. Let’s admit it - our travel data is not nearly as accessible, complete or automated as we’d like it to be in today’s “modern” world.

It’s for this reason that Tripgrid is on a mission to bring modern productivity software into the world of Corporate Travel, so managers can save time, money and make sure their travelers are taken care of.