SAP Concur Integration + Tripgrid =

All of your organization’s team travel in one place.

Connect Tripgrid to your company’s Concur Travel instance and all your organization’s booked reservation data now lives in one project management workspace. Automate workflows, streamline outputs and provide up to 99% visibility for reconciliation.


Get a bird’s eye view of all your team travel.

View every corporate travel reservation in real-time as your team books. Sort, filter and tag all your travel in one place.

key features
Global dashboard
Sophisticated filters
Intuitive budget reporting

Do twice the work in half the time.

Tripgrid helps to automate the most tedious and error-prone tasks of team travel coordination like hand entering travel data into spreadsheets.

key features
Email Parsing & Spreadsheet Uploads
Custom Document Builder
Automated Document Creation

Receive outputs that update in real-time.

Outputs like itineraries and manifests are tied to live travel data. That means when travel changes your travelers outputs do too.

key features
Integrated Reservation Data from Concur Travel
Live Link Online Documents