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At Tripgrid, we believe in effortless team travel planning and enjoy nothing more than helping our customers level-up their process.

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What type of travel is Tripgrid for?

Tripgrid is designed to assist with travel projects that are planned by an internal travel coordinator who is moving their own team members for the purpose of a project with a start and end date (e.g. TV/Film Production, Live Entertainment tours and Consulting Projects).

Tripgrid projects are streamlined for groups of 5-25 travelers and support up to 100.


Who is Tripgrid used by?

Tripgrid is designed to support any size of business from a single coordinator to large enterprise companies across sectors including Sports, Media, Entertainment, TV/Film Productions, Non-Profit, Legal Services, Professional Services and more.

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How does Tripgrid work?

See the platform in action.

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How do you get the travel data?

Email parsing - A user can forward any reservation email to Tripgrid and all of the relevant travel details are pulled from the email and appear in the workspace for you to organize without manual data entry.

TMC Integration - With a TMC integration, your travel reservation details will automatically appear inside Tripgrid once ticketed. All changes will update on their own. This includes any Key IDs mapped by your team.

Enterprise and want to know more about integrations? No problem! Contact sales.