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Featured Customer Story: Leopard USA

A global production gets streamlined with Tripgrid.


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Leopard USA is a leading creator of reality, lifestyle, and entertainment programming. They produce hundreds of hours of programing each year based out of two offices in New York City and are known across the industry for their high quality visual style.​

With a large team of creatives constantly on the road, Leopard USA employs full time in house production coordinators & assistants to completely organize all of the travel and logistics. This team is constantly building travel documents, call sheets, and storing traveler information. Over the last 10+ years that Leopard USA has produced television shows their standard procedure was tracking travel information and reservations in email chains and then hand entering every single travel detail into excel spreadsheets. For them this meant having no uniform or standardized documentation while coordinators and travelers alike had little or no transparency into team travel or where it all lived.​

Erica admits “The excel template was not a great tool for what we needed. It was sloppy, everyones travel document looked different and the margin for error was large.”

"A process that used to take me over an hour now only takes me 15 minutes"

Erica Fegely - Leopard USA

Leopard USA needed to get everything and everyone organized with a standard procedure, save time, and cut their margin for error.​

By using Tripgrid, Leopard USA has streamlined their entire process. They save enough time to be proactive rather than reactive.

​“Tripgrid makes it VERY easy to forward in the all my travel reservations, the info populates while I am working on something else and done! No more copying, pasting and hand entering data and that is a crazy amount of time saved.” 

​Tripgrid has allowed their team to standardize all travel documents so they have an identical format from coordinator to coordinator. They have completely organized crew travel profiles, getting it out of multiple spreadsheets and into simple templates they were able to customize. Leopard’s coordinators can now build travel documents on the go which means they don’t have to look in 12 different places to find the info that pertains to a particular shoot. Everything has a home now and is easy to find.