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Featured Customer Story: Magilla Entertainment

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Magilla Entertainment has produced 40+ reality tv shows for networks such as HGTV, TLC and Discovery Channel and is a leader in unscripted television.  At any one time a production coordinator could be working on, or creating, multiple crew trips for multiple shows. The old way…probably looks familiar…​

Gathering data:  After receiving travel details from a travel agent in multiple formats like a PDF, emails strings or even a screen shot of travel details, coordinators would have to store and organize this information for future reference. Traveler’s profile and account information was also gathered by hand and documented one traveler at a time.​

Where did they organize it?  Excel or google sheets… this was the obvious choice and like many coordinators a relatively easy tool to use but incredibly time consuming.  Each line of data for each booking and traveler was hand-entered into cells, sometimes in multiple documents. This process comprised the majority of a coordinators time, up to 50%, preparing travel outputs.  When changes were made, they too had to be hand entered and versions of the documents sent to the travelers in email chains.​

How did they get it to their travelers?  A travel book was created… It goes by different names depending on the company (production book or travel sheet/grid) and needs to be accurate.  Since a lot of the data was hand-entered a chance for error was high and the process again was manual.  The document was a combination of an excel table and free text notes on a document sent via a combination of mobile delivery AND PDF.  

"Our old process took hours to complete and was open to issues with incorrect or misplaced information, Tripgrid is worry-free and has absolutely changed the way we plan for our shoots”

Janice Gillman - Magilla Entertainment

Tripgrid automates gathering reservation data, allowing the coordinator to bring in those various reservation formats with the click of a button.  PDF’s, word documents, it doesn’t matter, we’ve solved this.​

Tripgrid allows you to gather detailed and customizable profile data on travelers by the travelers themselves. Stored in the cloud and accessible anywhere, anytime.​

Tripgrid allows you to create events outside of travel bookings like meetings, shot locations, dinners, directly from multiple areas of the product and on a calendar.  Changes to events automatically update the itinerary.​

Tripgrid allows you to create custom team and individual traveler books per trip. Yes you can customize the output, create new sections, add contacts, all the information in one spot and accurately pulled from travel data. It’s not just an itinerary, it’s a fully formed travel book. Send the completed output via PDF, mobile, live link or download as .CSV . What used to take hours to do now can take minutes. Simple and worry-free.