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Featured Customer Story: Warms Springs Productions

Creators of ‘Mountain Men’ turn to Tripgrid to improve travel process efficiency.


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As is often the case, fast growing companies build processes quickly to suit their needs.  These can often involve a combination of manual processes and software tools cobbled together over time.  Getting accurate and timely output to ensure revenue and growth are the most important thing at any time.  But working with spreadsheets, word documents, and whiteboards is not sustainable at 200% growth rate.  So, when reality tv show creators Warm Springs Productions looked to improve its travel management process, they turned to an all-in-one travel management tool to increase efficiency.​

Founded in 2008 in Missoula, Montana, Warm Springs produces shows such as Mountain Men on the History Channel and Log Cabin Living on HGTV. They organize production shoots for 20+ shows, 12 months out of the year with four full-time travel coordinators creating between 10 and 15 itineraries a month for teams and individuals.  Organization and delivery of the travel details requires a concerted effort to gather booking reservations, organize crew member arrivals on site, to collect and storing traveler details and preferences, ensure equipment delivery and arrival and compiling information into a ‘production book’ which needs to be delivered to crew members, other travelers and various contacts and accuracy of the details is crucial.  This is complex, frequent team travel.

"We estimate Tripgrid has increased our travel coordinators efficiency by at least 50%."

Chris Richardson - President, Warm Springs Productions

Warm Springs needed a centralized travel logistics solution to replace their different internal processes and tools.  They already worked with an outside travel management company to handle the booking and were satisfied with the partnership, but as travel increased a better process was needed to manage growth. 

 ​“I knew after viewing a demo of Tripgrid this was going to revolutionize our travel process, you often don’t know you need process improvement until you’ve used the tool,” says Co-founder and Warm Springs President Chris Richardson, “We estimate Tripgrid has increased our travel coordinators efficiency by at least 50%.”​

Tripgrid allowed Warm Springs travel coordinators like Lauren DeHaven to easily invite travelers and contacts into the application and complete travel profiles, bring reservations in right from their email, organize and create events on a calendar, create notes and store documents, but most importantly to create a well-designed group itinerary that is fully customizable as well as delivering individual plans to travelers. The icing on the cake was delivery via PDF and Mobile app. “Travel production books that previously took hours to create are getting done in half the time,” says Lauren. Warm Springs has since expanded Tripgrid’s use across the entire operation and all shows, for them it has become an invaluable tool for travel management.