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See exactly what you need to see.

Your days are packed full of a million things. You don’t need to see everyone else’s work, just your own. We make sure that you only have to deal with your workload and not everyone else’s.

Email Parsing

Never hand enter reservation data again.

Do you still have to hand enter every single piece of travel data into a spreadsheet? Not anymore. Now you can forward in your email reservations and the data will load for you.
FYI, we can also integrate with your TMC. You should probably tell your boss.

Travel Inbox

Instant access to any reservation you need

Which folder was that reservation in… my inbox? Oh wait… my desktop? No need to worry because Tripgrid has them all. Just do a quick search and everything you need is right there.

Flight Alerts

Get alerted when things change for your team.

Tired of getting panicked emails and phone calls from travelers when flights change? Now you can get instant notifications on your phone anytime things change so you are in the know before anyone else.

Customized Documents

Don't worry about building your own documents.

No need to start from scratch every time you have to send travel documents. In Tripgrid it's as simple as selecting your template and saying go.

Live Links

All your documents are up to date - always!

PDF’s and attachments are old school, your travel information should be up to date and live, not buried in a static file. Use live links to ensure your travelers have the latest information at all times.

Traveler Database

Always have access to your travelers details.

Still have to open Excel when trying to find, store, or update your travelers information? Now you can store that info in Tripgrid with any custom field you want. All of your travelers details should be in the same place.

Additional Features


Make traveler profiles, reservations or trips private or public.


Use trips to group reservations, travelers and attachments in one place.

Flight Lookup

Add flight details to your inbox by searching for airline and flight number.

Finally a team travel tool that your coordinators will actually adopt.