All things travel. One simple platform.


Tripgrid puts everything you need for travel management into one place for quick access. No more disconnected tools. If it's travel related, you’ll find it in Tripgrid.



Traveler Profiles

Build unique travel profiles for all of your team members. Store important information such as airline preferences, personal notes, travel documentation and more.



Trip Manager

Effortlessly manage all of your trips. Map, board, and calendar views ensure that no trip detail gets left behind.



Connected Itineraries

We know it's important to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to travel. That’s why Itineraries are automatically synced and viewable via the Tripgrid mobile app, keeping all of your communication within one dedicated platform.


TripGrid has solved the major problems in travel planning, and will forever alter the way businesses organize travel with and for their teams.
— Josh Friedman, CEO of Incredible Corporation