How to Automate Building Travel Documents with Tripgrid

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“I book it, spreadsheet it, travel changes, I sigh.” - A Coordinator Proverb

Let’s face it. Building travel documents* for teams that travel can be complex, time consuming and a right pain in the a-hem.

*Pssst. Not the passport kind of documents, although those can get complex too… Think the managing travelers kind of document - manifests, production books, arrival and departure lists - THAT kind.

From pulling together all booked reservations in your inbox, to the manual entry of those details into travel documents, to communicating those details on to travelers and supplier partners via email or text… Then, travel changes and it’s another round of updates - creating extra work and noise across the communication chain.

We all know the sound of the classic traveler call -  “Is this the most recent version? When does my flight arrive again? Where is the hotel in relation to the work site? How can I reach my shuttle driver?”

Extra work. Extra noise. Heaps of manual entry and updates.

Until Tripgrid.

Eliminate Manual Entry

With Tripgrid you can automatically bring your travel data into one workspace with an integration to the travel agent or via forwarding the booking email. That’s right - no more copy paste in massive documents, your fingers will thank you.

Workspace View

Customize your Document Templates & Automatically Add Data

Build any document you need using Tripgrid’s Document builder then save it for later. Label with custom fields like branding, company information and more. Then add travel data with the click of a button.

From transportation documents, to individual and team itineraries, to production books, to tour manifests and more. The best part? With an integration, your travel blocks are tied to live travel data. So if travel changes, they do to… without your help! ;)

A Tripgrid Travel Document

Reduce Traveler Noise with One Source of Truth… The Live Document Link

Instead of a static document, Tripgrid users can choose to share a live document link with their travelers and partners. Think Google Sheets but travel. With an integration the data will stay up to date and if you need to change a detail on the back-end, you won’t need to send a new version.

Not to worry, you can still download a document as well because we know sometimes you just need that PDF.

The Document Builder & Sharing a Live Document Link

Build a Document Once, Use it Infinite Times

Create your own library of Document Templates that you can use across multiple projects. Need a copy of that great Individual Itinerary you made in September for your new project in December? Not a problem, just click create from your saved template in your new project and there it is.

Standardize Outputs for your Travelers and Partners

Not only can documents be saved by a user, they can also be shared at a higher level across your organization or team. Use organization templates to standardize outputs for every stakeholder.

Building an Organization Template

Our customers say that the Tripgrid Document Builder automates between 5+ hours each week for each coordinator on their team.

We say that we love being able to provide flexibility, automation and standardization to our customers.

Interested to learn more? We love a good chat too. :)