Effortless team
travel management.

Tripgrid is where productivity software meets corporate group travel.
Because there’s a better way to manage traveling teams.

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data management

Consolidation never looked so good.

All your reservation data in one global dashboard, whether booked via the TMC or directly with the supplier. View, sort and manage your reservations in real-time with advanced filtering and tagging systems.

key features
Data Integrations (TMC & Concur)
Email Parsing & Spreadsheet Uploads
Advanced Tagging & Filter System
Flexible Data Views
process AUtomation

Communicate more efficiently and accurately.

Insert your live travel data into a custom document template for travelers and suppliers. Pull detailed reports with rich tagging for internal stakeholders. All in seconds, not hours or days.

key features
Custom Document Builder
Automated Reports & Manifests
Group Travel Process Automation
Instant Report Generation

Arrange your travel, your way

Build collaborative projects that give you the power to track your work, manage travel updates and categorize reservations with additional information including tags, custom fields and Key IDs. Access all your team’s travel on one central dashboard with sort and filter features that help you find exactly what you need at the touch of a few keys.

Increased visibility

Get a bird’s eye view of all your team’s travel.

See every reservation as it is booked on the Global Dashboard. Need to keep an eye on a set of travelers or watch that project’s spend? Simply set a Grid and take in your custom, granular view.

key features
Global Dashboard
Travel Tracking
Real-time Budgets
Custom Cost Reporting
Now available in the SAP Concur App Center
reason #1,345

Your team will make fewer errors with less manual entry.

reason #2,764

You’ll know what’s done and what isn’t.

reason #756

All your travel outputs will look the same.

reason #240

No more manual entry, static spreadsheets and siloed inboxes.


What type of travel is Tripgrid for?

Tripgrid is designed to assist with travel planned by teams with internal travel arrangers who move their own team members and contractors for the purpose of completing projects that are paramount to the success of their business (e.g. Media & Production, Entertainment, Music, Sports, and more).

Tripgrid Grids are streamlined for groups of 50 travelers and support up to 100.


Who is Tripgrid used by?

Tripgrid is designed to support any size of business from a single coordinator to large enterprise companies across sectors including Sports, Media, Entertainment, TV/Film Productions, Non-Profit, Legal Services, Professional Services and more.

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How does Tripgrid work?

See the platform in action.

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How do you get the travel data?

Email parsing - A user can forward any reservation email to Tripgrid and all of the relevant travel details are pulled from the email and appear in the workspace for you to organize without manual data entry.

TMC Integration - With a TMC integration, your travel reservation details will automatically appear inside Tripgrid once ticketed. All changes will update on their own. This includes any Key IDs mapped by your team.

Enterprise and want to know more about integrations? No problem! Contact sales.

Travel & Event Management Supervisor

Tripgrid is an essential part of our travel planning toolkit. It seamlessly gathers travel data and our team can quickly produce real-time itineraries and schedules to distribute in a variety of formats.

Travel Coordinator

Tripgrid "Marie Kondo'd" the sh** out of our production book process and it is fantastic.

Production Coordinator

We needed to standardize our process, save time, and cut down on errors. Tripgrid automated over 250 hours a month for our team.