Customer Story • January 2024

Navigating Travel Challenges in Disaster Recovery.

Field Works Solutions LLC leverages Tripgrid Booking to optimize their emergency response deployments across the nation.


Field Works Solutions LLC is a full-service project management and labor force staffing firm that provides technical and general services to companies in the reconstruction, disaster recovery, and mitigation industries. They operate in the dynamic field of mitigation services, where time-sensitive responses and team deployments are critical for addressing crises and disasters. The company faced the challenge of efficiently coordinating team travel to project locations nationwide. This case study explores how Tripgrid Booking transformed its approach to flight booking and contributed to its recent success in the emergency management service industry.

The Challenge

Field Works Solutions LLC operates in an industry where rapid response and effective team deployments are vital. Coordinating travel logistics for their teams presented several challenges:

The Solution

Field Works Solutions LLC turned to Tripgrid Booking for a solution to their travel coordination challenges. Tripgrid Booking offers the following benefits:

The Result

The introduction of Tripgrid Booking had an immediate and profound impact on Field Works Solutions LLC's operations. Alan Dolezal, President of the company, stated, "Tripgrid allowed us to execute and organize flights for rapid deployment of crew travel, unlike any application we have used in the past." By simplifying the process of team travel coordination, Tripgrid Booking enabled the company to respond swiftly to emergencies, manage costs efficiently, and enhance communication within their teams. Consequently, Field Works Solutions LLC continues to excel in its mission to provide effective emergency management services.