Tripgrid Workflow helps organizations manage their group travel data, improve duty of care and automate manual travel processes.

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Bring all your organization’s travel into one powerful workspace and see every reservation in real-time as your team books.

“It was important that we had consistency, transparency and automation. That is why we came to Tripgrid.”

Christine Zajda
Feld Entertainment

Connect via integration with Concur, your travel management company (TMC) or multiple TMCs.


Capture off-channel bookings with sophisticated e-mail parsing technology.

Custom Workspace

A single, configurable workspace for you and your team to manage all of your travel.


Sort, filter and tag all your travel as it is booked. Add missing data or configure custom tags for better visibility and reconciliation.

"Tripgrid gives me the ability to quickly retrieve a snap shot of travel for a single person or an entire group. This tool is priceless to me."

Bernie Brady
Legal Services Corp.

Clean data by adding & editing missing tags like Project ID, Business Unit, Department and more.


Build custom Grids to keep an eye on the travel that is most important to you with advanced filters.


Configure Tripgrid templates such as travel manifests and itineraries to fit your needs.


Harness the power of your workspace to track against specific data sets and generate key documents and reports for your stakeholders.

"Using Tripgrid, our stakeholders are easily kept informed. There’s less questions and the majority of the noise we once had has stopped."

Erica Fegely
Leopard USA
Document Builder

Auto generate complex travel documents with Tripgrid’s document builder.

Traveler Tracking

Stay on top of traveler details and status with traveler tracking tools.


Customize and download a larger cost report to send to finance for reconciliation.

Workflow Success Stories

An American icon gets a much needed travel tune-up.

Feld Entertainment uses Tripgrid’s software to automate over 160+ hours of their team’s workload each month.

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A global production gets streamlined with Tripgrid.

Leopard USA standardized process and automated 4+ hours a week of manual entry for each coordinator on their team.

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Data entry automation for the win.

Legal Services Corporation automated 80% of their travel process and gained increased travel transparency.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of travel is Tripgrid for?

Tripgrid is designed to assist with travel planned by teams with internal travel arrangers who move their own team members and contractors for the purpose of completing projects that are paramount to the success of their business (e.g. Media & Production, Entertainment, Music, Sports, and more).

Tripgrid Grids are streamlined for groups of 50 travelers and support up to 100.


Who is Tripgrid used by?

Tripgrid is designed to support any size of business from a single coordinator to large enterprise companies across sectors including Sports, Media, Entertainment, TV/Film Productions, Non-Profit, Legal Services, Professional Services and more.

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How does Tripgrid work?

See the platform in action.

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How do you get the travel data?

Email parsing - A user can forward any reservation email to Tripgrid and all of the relevant travel details are pulled from the email and appear in the workspace for you to organize without manual data entry.

TMC Integration - With a TMC integration, your travel reservation details will automatically appear inside Tripgrid once ticketed. All changes will update on their own. This includes any Key IDs mapped by your team.

Enterprise and want to know more about integrations? No problem! Contact sales.

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"Before, we spent way too much time organizing travel: it was disjointed and inconsistent. Tripgrid brought all our coordinators into one workspace, automated process and standardized outputs."
Christine Zajda
Director of Procurement, Sourcing and Travel, Feld Entertainment