What were your challenges with your initial process for organizing group travel?

Having to use a combination of Word and Excel to hand enter, copy, and paste information was time-consuming and resulted in errors and incorrect data. I spent so much time working to get it perfect, professional, and polished. When travel would change it was so hard to keep track of. I would have to go back through and make adjustments in 4-5 different places.

Why did you start searching for an online solution to your challenges?

I loathe data entry. My travelers wanted and heavily relied on clear, precise, and up to date travel information but this meant that I was constantly adding, editing, and arranging details and it was all too time-consuming. I needed to automate my time so I could focus on other areas of organizing group travel logistics.

What value did Tripgrid deliver that helped solve your challenges?

When you are tasked with a job that is mundane but needs to be done it can really date on your and take away valuable time that you should be using for other productive or creative work. There was so much work to be done and it was never ending. Having an automated standardized process was life changing for me. Having all of my document templates readily available was a complete game changer. With Tripgrid I am 80% faster when organizing group travel and it has easily automated 4+ hours of my job every week.

What do you like most about Tripgrid?

I can email any reservation to Tripgrid and it does all the work. All of my travel is in one place and I didn't have to hand enter hours and days worth of data. Once in Tripgrid it is easy to use and manipulate the data how you like it.