Why did you start searching for an online solution for your challenges?

We HAD TO make a change. With our old process we had 16 Production Coordinators hand building giant spreadsheets filled with static travel data. Many different formats of documents were going out the door and the travel was impossible to track. We needed to standardize our process, save time, and cut down on errors.

What values did Tripgrid deliver to help solve your challenges?

Tripgrid automated the majority of data entry and completely standardized our process. The coordinators email reservations to Tripgrid and it does all the work. We have far less human error and our coordinators can focus on other production tasks. Every single coordinator now has the exact same workflow and our travelers know exactly where to visually find their details on our Tripgrid documents.

How much time does your team save using Tripgrid?

It automates so much of the hand entering that happens every day. Each coordinator saves an average of 4+ hours a week. We have 16 coordinators so that is 64 hours a week which is a crazy amount of time to get back!