How to Automate Process with Tripgrid

Learn more about how Tripgrid helps to standardize travel process. Or email sales.

Over the last few months we’ve listened to the marketplace through our customers and at various online events and webinars. What we’ve heard is that the role of the business travel manager and coordinator has had to shift dramatically during Covid-19.

Duty of care and traveler safety are more important than ever. Increased travel restrictions have led to revised travel approval processes, policies and more frequent traveler communication. Flight cancellations have resulted in an excess of unused tickets to manage.

And many are seeking to automate process and streamline workflows so that they can manage their programs more efficiently – either because they are having to do more with less or they see the opportunity provided by travel’s pause.

At Tripgrid, automating process and streamlining workflows is what we do best. So today, we thought we’d share a bit more about how Tripgrid automates the post-booking process.

Quite simply, we built Tripgrid because we believe post-booking workflows for traveling teams are broken.

Current workflows are filled with manual data entry, static spreadsheets, siloed inboxes and plenty of room for human error. When managing traveling teams, each coordinator is hand-entering data in spreadsheets and sending on as static documents to their travelers inside email chains. Then travel changes and the process is repeated. This process lacks transparency and has many opportunities for communication between managers, coordinators and travelers to breakdown.

With Tripgrid, organizations can standardize all outgoing travel documents, automate the headache of manual data entry and completely streamline the post-booking process.

Here’s how:

All booked reservation data is brought into one collaborative workspace - either via an integration, email parsing or manual upload - where it can be tagged and labeled by Project, Team, Department, Project ID and more.

Global Dashboard

Once it’s there, any coordinator on a team can create their own projects to group all of the travelers going on a specific trip.

Project Builder

Now that the data is in the project, coordinators have the power to quickly build standardized travel documents like Arrival and Departure Reports, Transportation Manifests, Individual or Team Itineraries, Cost Reports, and more with the click of a button. That click instantly brings in all of the reservation data and can build ANY travel document previously created by a team member in the Tripgrid Document Builder.

Project Documents

Gone are the days of manual entry! Coordinators can choose from a variety of pre-built document blocks OR create custom blocks.

Document Builder

Once the documents are created, coordinators can send them as a live link to their travelers or stakeholders. This link stays up to date with the integration, so if travel changes or if a coordinator manually updates information on the backend, the live document is still the one single source of truth and only has to be sent once. No more endless email chains with static documents.

Live Documents

On average, our customers say that Tripgrid’s software automates 5+ hours a week for each of their coordinators, for teams that is 100s of hours a month. Managers love to see everything in one place with standardized outputs for travelers. Travelers love the transparency and reduced noise.

At Tripgrid, we make the post-booking process simple so that travel managers and coordinators can focus on the big picture, not sweat the small stuff.