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We built Tripgrid to be a flexible and collaborative workspace that simplifies post-booking business travel processes. This inherent flexibility allows organizations across different verticals to capture, organize and manage their booked reservation data, their way (and we’re pretty dang proud of that…!)

On this week’s blog, we focus in on how our Production customers use Tripgrid. We have customers in scripted and unscripted television, film, and live production events. From monster truck rallies to worldwide tours to filming that future bingeable series, Tripgrid is here to help.

Our platform improves workflows for Production Assistants (PAs), Production Coordinators (PCs), Line Producers (LPs), Production Managers (PMs) and Production Accounting/Finance.

Here’s how:

  • We automate process for PCs and PAs - specifically around tracking and organizing travel reservation data to share with internal stakeholders, crew and cast
  • We provide budget data to LPs so they can see the big picture
  • We give PMs visibility into travel happening across all productions as well as the ability to update and produce cost reports faster
  • We empower Finance with custom reports to reconcile travel costs with greater clarity into related key IDs such as Department Code, Business Unit, Project, Show or City Code

Interest piqued? Have a peak below for a look at how Tripgrid helps productions Capture, Organize and Manage their booked travel reservations across a project.


Tripgrid integrates to the travel agent’s booking technology to instantly bring all reservation data into one large dashboard that shows all of your organization’s travel - including Key IDs for each booking.

That’s right, no more endless copy-paste from email inboxes.

Global Dashboard

If not booking through a travel agent, PCs and PAs can simply forward all booking reservation emails to Tripgrid and Tripgrid populates the data in the workspace automatically.

Automation - 2, Manual entry - 0…!

Forward air, hotel and rail bookings into Tripgrid

See booking data in the workspace

With Tripgrid, production teams can finally say goodbye to hours of manual entry with a live database in place of multiple spreadsheets to track booked travel.


Tripgrid allows PCs and PAs to build projects from the project dashboard. They can then easily add travelers and build any type of production travel documents needed at the click of a button.

Project Dashboard

These documents can be shared as live documents by sending the link to travelers or other key stakeholders. Think, Google Sheets, but specifically integrated to travel reservation data. The travel will then stay up to date via the integration.

Travel changes constantly, and at Tripgrid we believe that there’s a better way to spend time than manually tracking all of it.

Build real-time Production books, tour manifests, group itineraries, individual itineraries, transportation manifests, budget reports and more.

Document Builder

With Tripgrid, teams can design any document their production team needs in the document builder. PCs and PAs can customize their documents by adding one of Tripgrid’s pre-generated travel blocks or create their own custom blocks. Additionally, any travel document can be saved as a template, so that other members of the workspace can use it or so it can be used for future projects.

Build a Document from scratch

Tripgrid automates 5-10 hours a week of work for every PC or PA on a show or project that is dealing with travel.*

*Note: Tripgrid is designed specifically for organizations with large amounts of repeat travel. Shows and productions with less travel may see less automation and value.


If a production has an integration to their travel agent, LPs and PMs can track their travel budgets in real time with Tripgrid.

PMs have access to every single reservation that exists inside the production company and can filter down to find any reservation or group of reservations in a matter of seconds. With Tripgrid, PMs have visibility into who is traveling for what show, in what city, for any dates.

Filter data on the Global Dashboard

As PCs and PMs are inside Tripgrid doing their work, they can also update the key IDs needed for Production Finance to reconcile all of their travel costs.

Tag multiple pieces of data with Key IDs at one time

Gone are the days of a PC and/or PM having to build a huge spreadsheet to show all travel costs for a show or event. With Tripgrid, they track the costs as they happen and can build a report and send in seconds when needed.

Build real-time Cost Reports

Production Finance also has access to all of that data in the workspace. They can download custom cost reports without having to ask a PC or PM.  

Download Cost Reports

Tripgrid for Productions

Our clients who utilize Tripgrid across their full production say they would never go back to how they managed their travel before. Tripgrid automates hours of work each week, is one source of truth for all their travel, and they can easily report on travel costs without spending weeks of work at the end of each quarter, the end of each show, or the end of each year.

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