What the heck is Team Travel?

Learn more about how Tripgrid helps to standardize travel process. Or email sales.

If you’ve heard about Tripgrid in the last few months - whether on the virtual stage at Demo Day with SAP.iO or in an article or two - you may have noticed the words “Team Travel” follow wherever we go.

And trust us, we know.

“Wait, what exactly is team travel? Do they help with travel for sports teams or something?”

You wouldn’t be completely wrong as one of the world’s largest sporting networks uses Tripgrid to score a touchdown or two when it comes to their accounting and finance data accuracy. But that off-the-field pain isn’t just reconciliation. And it’s not just sports teams.

ANY work team planning travel for repeat projects has complex workflows to coordinate and manage - from productions to professional services to manufacturing and more.

Behind the scenes on these projects, there are a multitude of coordinators and managers hand-building team and individual itineraries, schedules, transportation documents, room blocks and cost reports. This process is time consuming, error prone and at Tripgrid, we’ve built a better way.

Tripgrid’s collaborative workspace powered by travel reservation data simplifies and automates team travel workflows. Our customers report that their managers gain visibility on up to 99% of their data for reconciliation and their travel coordinators save 4+ hours each week on manual entry.

Quite simply, if you have:

  1. Teams traveling for repeat project work
  2. Internal managers and coordinators drowning in a sea of endless email chains, PDFs and spreadsheets to manage that travel

…then maybe it’s time to check out Tripgrid.

We can help with your #TeamTravel.