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An American icon gets a much needed travel tune up.

With Christine Zajda, Director of Procurement, Sourcing and Travel

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Why did you start searching for an online solution for group travel?

Ultimately we were spending way too much time organizing our group travel. The data was living in many different places and every coordinator was sending their travel information in different formats. Travelers were becoming increasingly frustrated when going from tour to tour because nothing was standardized. The lack of standards was evident when a coordinator left our team or was out for a period of time, we didn't have a workflow that allowed for another coordinator to access information and fill in. We needed a solution to completely standardize our process so that everyone was doing the exact same thing in the exact same place.

What were the challenges that your group coordinators were facing?

Each coordinator was spending a large portion of their time manually entering data. This was not only a large resource drain but it also came with the possibility of human error when entering data into spreadsheets. We have a travel management company but there was no single source of truth with the most up to date information for the entire team. Without having one location to store, organize and track all of this travel, the managers had a lack of transparency into the big picture for group travel.

What do you like most about Tripgrid?

That all of our coordinators are now in the same workspace and we have completely automated and standardized all of our group travel outputs. Tripgrid integrates with our TMC data which has automated the creation of our documents and taken away human error. Automation, automation, automation! Tripgrid's web-based platform has allowed for consistency and transparency.